Sunday, February 27, 2011

First official outfit post

I'm not sure that I even know how to begin to describe this outfit.  It sort of makes me feel French.  Maybe it's just the cliche that all people from France wear berets, but I think my quirky bag might be part of it.  A man riding a vintage bicycle wearing stripes, a hat, and a mustache; I would say it is a quirky, French-inspired bag.  As for other quirky accents... Did you notice the pin on my shirt collar? I guess I'm going for the faux bow tie effect.

The pink shirt and textured, purple tights also make me think of spring.  I am dying for spring, and am loving the warmer weather which we are getting.  I'm just hoping that somehow no more snow will come!

As for the shoes I am wearing... Heels aren't really ideal for trekking through a muddy cornfield, but cute none-the-less. 

Shirt:Vintage (Mom's)
Bag: Vintage (yard sale)
Tights: Mom's
Sunglasses: Vintage Ray-Ban (local consignment shop)
Shorts: Billabong (Pac Sun)
Pin (worn on shirt collar): Vintage
Belt: G.H. Bass & Co.
Shoes: Relativity
Beret: Totes (local consignment shop)

currently listening to: Summer Camp- I Want You

Let me introduce myself...

Since this is my first ever blog post, it would probably be fitting to introduce myself.  Instead of writing a long blurb (as I normally would do), here is a list of five facts to give you an idea of who I am.

1. My name is Taylor, and I live in Pennsylvania.
2. I wear something vintage pretty much every single day.
3. I love wearing dresses and skirts; pants seem too constricting. Although they are not my absolute favorite, I do not count them out of my wardrobe!
4. I have five love-able dogs, most of which were rescues! In the photo above is Lola, my fashion savvy basset hound.
5. Music makes my world go round... but, I was not exactly gifted talent musically.  I prefer to listen, photograph, and write about music. (See my website, Shoot Me Pics for concert photos!)

If you care to read more about this blog's purpose, and a few other facts about myself visit my about me page.

Skirt: American Apparel
Tights: Target
Shoes: Black Poppy (Pac Sun)
Lola's jacket: Old Navy

 currently listening to: The Pastels- Nothing to be Done