Thursday, April 19, 2012


yes,these are pretty goofy pictures

Wow, the last time I posted was in February.  I hope to update on here a bit more often, and since my semester in school is coming to a close (2 weeks of classes left!), I will soon have more time to update.  The past few weeks have been kind of weird, for some reason.  The weirdest thing lately though was watching 16 and Pregnant, because I went to high school with the girl and elementary school with the guy on the show.  It was just plain weird to watch.  Strange, funny, weird, and I must admit that the other kids from my old school’s commentary was pretty entertaining (I had to follow everything on twitter, of course).  It is really, really weird that I went to school with them, and bonus points for the fact that my family’s old house is in the background of some of the shots on the show (seriously, the entire episode is of things in my town), haha!  

Anyway, in regards to what I’m wearing, the shirt and shorts both used to be my mom’s years ago; the shorts I found in a box in our attic, and the shirt I saved off of the donate pile at some point, and it has easily become one of my favorite lazy day shirts (though it can be dressed up really nicely, too).  I’m really lucky that my mom kept a lot of her old clothing, because I love discovering and wearing what she used to wear.  Oh, and I also steal my dad’s old things, too.  Vintage tennis sweaters, and over-sized button downs for over dresses?  Yes please!  Oh, and as for the booties I’m wearing, I thrifted them yesterday for less than a dollar---they are quite nice.  

Don’t you just love discovering your parents’ old things?

Shirt: mom’s
Shorts: vintage Wrangler, mom’s
Cardigan: American Eagle
Shoes: thrifted
Belt: G.H. Bass & Co., thrifted
Backpack: vintage, thrifted
Glasses: Bonlook, Simply Fabulous, won in giveaway on The Clothes Horse

currently listening to: Quilt-Young Gold