Monday, January 30, 2012

dress shoes

Today was basically my first day out of the house since I got sick last week.  Despite not feeling 100% better, I, surprisingly, felt like getting semi-dressed up.  When I put this outfit together, I was basically thinking about what to wear with this blazer.  I had been looking for a blazer similar to this one for a while, and while at the Punk Rock Flea Market (which I talked about a bit in my last post...) in December I happened to find this one for $5! 
My other favorite element from this outfit is my shoes.  They are actually a pair of vintage men's dress shoes, and because my feet are kind of large (size 10), they actually fit perfectly!  I was amazed that they were the correct width, as well, because men's shoes tend to be quite a bit wider than women's.  Not only were they the perfect shoes, but this thrift store has amazing prices as well.  It's run by quite a few old lady volunteers who love to chatter (the best kind, right?), and they also like to pretty much give things away (once I got an amazing 1950s American Tourister carry on bag for free because they thought it was a cheap bowling bag!).  They always have a $4 bag sale, and since I buy quite a bit there, usually each item then amounts to costing less than $1.  A pretty good deal, isn't it?

Glasses: Bonlook, Simply Fabulous (won in giveaway on The Clothes Horse)
Blazer: Apostrophe (Punk Rock Flea Market)
Blouse: Ann Taylor (thrifted)
Skirt: ? (thrifted)
Shoes: vintage men's dress shoes (thrifted)
Tights: Merona (Target/Thrifted)

currently listening to: Titus Andronicus: Theme from "Cheers"