Monday, June 27, 2011

Strapless Dress

I purchased this dress at a sale which I mentioned in a previous post, Boutique at the Rink.  One of my favorite stores that is not a thrift or consignment shop, Popmart, donated items to the sale, and I was super excited to snatch up some otherwise quite expensive items for very cheap prices.  Normally I don't wear strapless dresses; they are too much of a fuss.  This beauty, though, caught my eye, and I could not resist trying it out.  I mean, it was cheap, so why not!

The shoes also were purchased at another rummage type sale held by a local university.  Sales held  by any university are absolutely awesome, because of the volume, quality, and cheap prices of the items.  These awesome wedges were 50 cents!

Instead of the plain old summer dress look, I added this cute vintage hat, which is, of course, another thrifted find.  I thought the hat would give the outfit the little quirky flare that I love so much.

Also, thank you for the sweet comments!
Dress: Angie (Popmart/thrifted at Boutique at the Rink)
Shoes: Unisa (thrifted)
Hat: Vintage (thrifted at local consignment shop, The Attic)
Tights: Hue 
Necklace: ? (Mom's)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sir Isaac Newton

 Today I decided to wear an extremely impractical outfit to go out with my mom and one of our five beloved dogs, Newton (yes, named after Sir Isaac,) who is quite a handsome basset hound.  Dogs make the best friends (they won't tell your secrets), and I like to call this handsome dog my main man/boyfriend, seeing that I lack one in the human form.  I have to say it again: Isn't he so handsome?
The dress and trench coat in these photos were both thrifted at a cute thrift store in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  I had never seen the shop before, even though I pass the street every single time I visit the city.  The day that I finally noticed the store, I walk in only to see a sign stating that the store is closing.  Although the fact that the store has since closed is disappointing, the closing sign also stated something very nice: "50% entire store."  Yes, I'm a cheapster; I take absolutely any deal I can get, and if that means a deeper discount for an already cheap thrift store item, I will not complain.  The dress and trench coat are a matching set, and as you can see in one of the below photos, the trench jacket's lining matches that of the dress.  I paid all of $5 for the handmade, vintage set.  I'd call that a really good deal!
I apologize for the excess of photos, but I could not resist adding a few extras to showcase Newton!

Dress & Trench: Vintage (thrifted)
Shoes: Candie's (thrifted)
Purse: Coach (Mom's)

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Steel Stacks

The pictures in this post were taken in Bethlehem, Pa at what is being renovated to be a center for the arts.  The location was originally Bethlehem Steel, and as you can see, the original structures are still in place.  The entire project of this renovation and renewal is being done in conjunction with Arts Quest, which has opened a live music venue, cinema, and are expanding to quite a few other attractions in the Bethlehem Steel complex.  The things that I absolutely love about this project is the fact that they are keeping these monumental structures, and are revitalizing the arts in the area.

As for what I am wearing, my dress was a thrifted find.  My mom actually found it for me at a consignment shop in Bethlehem, The Attic, for all of $1!  The reason this vintage beauty was so cheap was because of a rather large stain on the back of it; I was so happy that the stain came out after it was washed. 

Dress: Vintage (thrifted)
Shoes: Rocket Dog (thrifted)
Purse: Vintage Coach (mom's)
Belt: Etienne Aigner (thrifted)

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Thursday, June 2, 2011


As you can see, here is yet another post with polka-dots.  Yes, I would say that I'm obsessed with them.
This outfit was not worn to do anything fancy, or cool as you might suspect, but worn to go to a doctor's appointment.  I find that if I didn't wear nice, or fancy outfits to do simple things, such as go to a doctor's appointments, or to run small errands, I would never wear some of my nicest clothing.  I feel much more confident and comfortable when wearing nice things.
I actually just purchased this vintage hat yesterday at a rummage type sale called Boutique at the Rink, which is held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania until Saturday, June 4th.  The sale was very nice with a wide selection of clothing, including vintage clothing, shoes, housewares, etc. for decent prices (more boutique prices than rummage sale prices, though).  I have quite a weakness for vintage hats especially, so I was very delighted to find quite a few nice ones (I bought four yesterday!). 

Dress: Free People (thrifted)
Shoes: Candie's (thrifted)
Hat: Vintage (Boutique at the Rink)
Purse: Vintage Coach (mom's)

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