Monday, June 27, 2011

Strapless Dress

I purchased this dress at a sale which I mentioned in a previous post, Boutique at the Rink.  One of my favorite stores that is not a thrift or consignment shop, Popmart, donated items to the sale, and I was super excited to snatch up some otherwise quite expensive items for very cheap prices.  Normally I don't wear strapless dresses; they are too much of a fuss.  This beauty, though, caught my eye, and I could not resist trying it out.  I mean, it was cheap, so why not!

The shoes also were purchased at another rummage type sale held by a local university.  Sales held  by any university are absolutely awesome, because of the volume, quality, and cheap prices of the items.  These awesome wedges were 50 cents!

Instead of the plain old summer dress look, I added this cute vintage hat, which is, of course, another thrifted find.  I thought the hat would give the outfit the little quirky flare that I love so much.

Also, thank you for the sweet comments!
Dress: Angie (Popmart/thrifted at Boutique at the Rink)
Shoes: Unisa (thrifted)
Hat: Vintage (thrifted at local consignment shop, The Attic)
Tights: Hue 
Necklace: ? (Mom's)

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Dial V for Vintage said...

Pretty dress, it's so colourful! Perfect for summer :).