Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A day at the movies...

Today my mom and I ventured to the Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley, Pennsylvania to go see a movie at the Rave movie theater.  I usually am the person to wait for a movie to come onto dvd before seeing it, so I can commentate on how good, or stupid the film is.  Today was a different story seeing that I was going to a free little kid movie at “summer movie camp.”  I used to attend “summer movie camp” with my mom all of the time when I was a kid, so going now when I’m a bit older is kind of entertaining, seeing that my mom and I were really the only people in attendance without a little kid.  The movie was Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and I have to admit that it was a pretty cute movie.  

I realize that I am a smidge too dressed up for going to a movie which is only attended by little children, but if I never dressed up to go simple places, I would never dress up at all.  

As I usually state: this dress was yet another thrifted find.  I recall running across a thrift store about a year and a half ago to see this gorgeous dress, which from across the room appeared to be vintage; turns out that this beauty is not vintage, but an H&M, and gorgeous none-the-less.  I fell in love with this dress at first glance, and it has truly become one of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing.

Dress: H&M (thrifted)
Shoes: Unisa (thrifted)
Scarf: ?
Sunglasses: ?
Necklace: Vintage (Mom's)

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Anonymous said...

I love that dress! I'm so jealous cuz I dont have an H&M store near me lol great find indeed!

question, did you do the bow yourself?

Taylor said...

Thanks Sarah! I wish that I had some sort of magic trick for tying scarves... I just used a 3.5ft scarf and tied a knot in it. I had some problems adjusting it so my hair wouldn't bulge out strangely.
My best advice would be to just experiment with it. It took me a long time to perfect my turban tying, and I am just now starting with other types of scarves (such as this one).
Wish I could be of more help!


La Fille D'or said...

love this dress your scarf/turban is so cute!

Two Happy Hearts said...

aw, this dress is gorgeous! good thrift find. i wish my local thrift store had H&M stuff! lucky duck.

and your scarf is the prettiest color. glad you & your mom had a good movie date.

thedailyfashionista said...

I used to have that dress in black, and now I'm kicking myself for selling it consignment. It's so timeless and classic. You look lovely!!!

Taylor Farnsworth said...

Thank you!
It truly is such a versatile dress. I would love to have one in black, too.
See, that's the reason why I have so much clothing... I'm always afraid that I'll regret letting the items go, even if I am making room for possibly better items, hah.