Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Casual

I rarely wear shorts, and to have worn them so many times in such a short time period is very rare for me.  The reason I wore shorts here is because I was walking yet another one of my family's crazy dogs, Bubba.  He is a super sweet bloodhound that my family adopted just over a year ago, and seeing that he is partially trained for search and rescue, he goes crazy following scents on walks; hence the shorts and comfy shoes.
 It's love
He really is such a well behaved dog, but on walks he goes crazy seeing that he is a scent hound, so we walk him using a horse lead, haha!

This isn't exactly the most glamorous outfit or photos, but hey, sometimes you need to change your outfits slightly to make them more practical to your lifestyle. 

Don't forget, there's one more dog for you to meet!

Shirt: Apostrophe (thrifted)
Shorts: U.S. Polo Assn.
Turban: Old bathing suit coverup
Shoes: Black Poppy (Pac Sun)

currently listening to: Amy Winehouse-Back to Black

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