Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Sammi

You have already met two of my family's three basset hounds, Newton, and Lola... and now, you get to meet the third, my best bud, Sammi.  When we adopted her she was pretty much a neurotic dog.  She used to run around like crazy, and as an elementary school kid, I guess I pretty much attached to her because of her spunk.  Now, Sammi is much older, as am I, and she still is the same sweet dog with a spring in her step.
The blouse, and the top(slip dress) worn under it were bought fairly cheap at Macy's.  It's quite great to walk in, go to the sale rack, and see previously expensive pieces for reasonable prices.  You really just need to see what the sales are at your local store, and there are usually coupons in their circulars to help bring down the cost.  What can I say, I love Free People clothing, and I love sales.
You have now met my family's three basset hound... But wait, that's not all of them... There are two more sweet dogs for you to meet (Yes, I'm a crazy dog lady).

Blouse: Free People (Macy's)
Slip Dress: Free People (Macy's)
Pencil Skirt: ? (thrifted)
Shoes:  Unisa Wedges (thrifted for $0.50!)

currently listening to: Twin Sister- Nectarine


Julia Topaz said...

Glad to find someone who's as much of a crazy dog lady as I am.

La Fille D'Or said...

cute! You are so lucky ! I really want a dog...I curse apartment living there is a no doggie policy where I live.

Mlee26 said...

aww such lovely photos! i really like your top!

katnani said...

that top is AMAZING! :O