Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini vacation recap.

In my previous post I mentioned that I had been staying with my sister for about a week.  Here are some photos including a few (meaning like, 2, hah) of my thrifted finds from the week.  It’s just a little peak at them, seeing that I hope to be styling them up for outfit shots soon!  I know there were a few more items, but I guess I’ve been a smidge lazy, and have been trying to catch up with some things now that I’m back home.
Although I started off in State College, I feel like I need to share the few Shippensburg pictures I have first because, well, look at that giant paint can, haha!
 Really cool, isn't it?
I saw it while I was driving to Chambersburg searching for things to do, and I got so excited.  I might even venture to say that it was the highlight of my trip.
As for other Shippensburg happenings: I got lost and just started driving around cow country quite often seeing that my GPS doesn’t like to gather satellites.  I ended up pulling over on the side of the road to walk in a creek just because I felt like it.  

I managed to find a lot of cute places in the towns I visited.  The thrift stores were so darling! I would have taken photos of the stores themselves, but most of them were run my Amish families.
A gorgeous vintage dress I found for... $2!
 1950's vintage blouse

This town was seriously the sweetest... I had wandered the town for days, but hadn't noticed this cute bookshop which was tucked away in a back alley.
I started off in State College… So, alas, a few pictures of Arts Fest.

Some vases a vendor was selling...
Some of the chalk artwork downtown...

I wish that I had taken more photos... but, there was a lot going on all week.  I will, hopefully soon, have an amazing item that I purchased at the festival to show you in the coming weeks.  I'm still waiting for the artist to finish customizing it, and send it back, and then you will get to see it!

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