Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bright and Bold

All-in-all, I have been considered to be a “quirky” person.  This outfit without a doubt shows off some (maybe a lot) of that quirkiness.  When I was thrift shopping a couple months ago the bright and somewhat gaudy print on this dress really popped out at me, and I immediately knew that it belonged in my closet.  I feel like whenever I go shopping strange clothing items gravitate towards me.  To add to the bold dress, I wore a pin that I recently purchased, and used it as a necklace.  Yes, the pineapple pin also gravitated towards me while thrifting. 

Although bold items such as these aren’t everyone’s “thing,” there are definitely other ways to incorporate these strange pieces into your wardrobe.  Just put the pineapple pin (or any other quirky jewelry item) on your cardigan, and you can add just a little quirky spin to any outfit.

As a person I have been considered, and consider myself as a “wallflower” (hence this blog’s name), and you are probably thinking that what I’m wearing does not portray a wallflower whatsoever.  The purpose of this blog is for me to expand my horizons, and step outside of what used to be my comfort zone.  I am still an awkward person, and a wallflower, but if I never step out of my comfort zone, this wouldn’t truly be my “evolution.”

Dress: Vintage (thrifted)
Belt: ? (thrifted)
Pin (worn as necklace): vintage (thrifted)
Sun Glasses: Vintage (mom’s)

currently listening to: Super Wild Horses- Black Book

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fields of Green

Today I ended up wandering through the lovely field behind my house (which is quite frowned upon in my neighborhood... since it is no trespassing and all). Living near fields and nice, secluded places is a major advantage at times.  Wandering is something which I love to do; why does one always need a destination? 

As for what I'm wearing, the "blouse" is actually a vintage dress which I haven't had time to shorten.  It is instead tucked into a slip dress, so I can wear a skirt over it.  This vintage dress is actually one of my mom's old ones... which was in a collection of similar dresses which she wore for work and other occasions.  They're quite fabulous!

One thing I love about my mom is that she kept almost all of her old clothing... which gives me the opportunity to go through it as she sorts things to finally donate.  Which also means that 98% of the items will never leave the house, only leaving her closet, and migrating down the hall to mine.  Resourceful indeed!

Blouse: Vintage Dress (Mom's)
Skirt: H&M (local consignment shop)
Shoes: Bandolino (Designer Shoe Warehouse)

currently listening to: Beat Happening- Cast a Shadow

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I don't feel young

Yesterday was my birthday!  I had a pretty decent day, just hanging out with my family (minus my sister).  It wasn’t exactly the most exciting birthday I’ve ever had, seeing that I went to 5 concerts for the week of my birthday last year, as well as buying myself the present of Arcade Fire tickets but, I really cannot complain.  This year I got take out from Red Lobster, a nice birthday cake, and a new camera, as well as the day at home with my family; can’t really ask for much more than that.
I am now 17, which seems like such a young age still, but I don't really feel young.  I strive to act maturely, and be treated as an adult, so it seems as though I may be wasting my youth striving to be an adult.  I just hope I won't waste my adult life striving to be a kid again.    
As for what I’m wearing, the dress I thrifted for about $3 at a Salvation Army; I was really happy when I found on the rack among quite a few strange looking pieces.  It looked quite good on the hanger, and I was excited to try it on.  My mom burst my bubble a little at first when she commented on how huge my shoulders would look (my shoulders have been compared to those of a line backer, haha).  Once I tried it on though, the dress was perfect!  The only change I made was clipping out the huge shoulder pads (imagine what my shoulders would have looked like before I took them out).  
I’ve only worn it one time before, and I got quite a few comments.  Many people actually thought that I paid quite a bit for it.  “Did you get that at Urban Outfitters?” “How much did that cost you?”… My response: “ummm, $3 at a Salvation Army.”  At least I know that I don’t look cheap!

Dress: thrifted
Shoes: Bandolino (Designer Shoe Warehouse)
Tights: Target
Purse: Vintage Coach
Owl ring: local consignment shop

currently listening to: Wye Oak- I don't feel young

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vintage Fashion Show!

So, the pictures which are in this post are not recent, but I love, love, love some (actually, almost all) of the vintage pieces.

This event was a small fashion show held a few years ago at an absolutely lovely tearoom.  The event was held by a truly awesome vintage shop by the name of Good Buy Girls in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  The hair and makeup for the event was done by Hair by Eskandalo.  The vintage shop which I mentioned has a great selection of vintage, as well as new items.  Definitely worth a visit!

In the past had I done one other fashion show for this same shop when I was in the 7th grade(!), and had my picture in a local newspaper with my sister, who had also done the same fashion show (I'll try to dig out those photos sometime soon...).  This time was equally, if not more fabulous.  I was so glad to have had these opportunities!

The first outfit I wore I absolutely loved... except, I had a major issue with keeping my mink on straight, haha.  I was fussing with it all day!
The picture above shows a group of the girls from the show just waiting around... You see the girl in the light pink dress, with the matching shoes? Well, I bought that dress!  It is one of my favorite items in my closet.  You know, one of those dresses that you absolutely adore, but have nowhere to wear.  I did wear it once to a school dance...  I sure got some strange looks, seeing that most girls go for skin tight, slutty dresses... and I, instead, wore a vintage masterpiece.  Modcloth had a very similar dress on their website in their vintage selection
My second outfit was a night gown, and bathrobe.  Both were so amazing!  The peter pan collar on the night gown was so cute!
I also purchased the color block dress shown above.  I remember walking around to the tables, specifically with this outfit, because I had to tell everyone about my Twiggy inspired look, while wearing a pair of 2 sizes too small vintage Etienne Aigner boots which belong to my mother.  To get the boots off of my feet I had to death grip a chair while one person held the chair in place, and another attempted to pull my boots off... I pretty much got dragged across the room for those shoes! 

Just some lovely vintage clothing!

All clothing: Vintage from Good Buy Girls