Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Celebrating Andrew Wyeth's Life

Yesterday my family decided to go to the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, for an event being held in honor of the late Andrew Wyeth on what would have been his 93rd birthday.  My mom and I had met one of Andrew Wyeth’s neighbors a month or so ago at an appraisal event held by the Allentown Art Museum.  After seeing what the man was having appraised (for insurance value, he told us), we approached him to have a closer look at the sketching which was given to him by Andrew himself.  He then told us quite a few wonderful stories that made us ever so intrigued to visit this museum with this exhibit, as well as visit his father, N.C. Wyeth’s house.

His neighbor had told us how Andrew had been giving him tips on his paintings, and requested that they exchange pieces of artwork, so they could both own works of art by each other.  The work of art that his neighbor received was a gorgeous sketching, which my mom and I were oh so grateful to have seen.  Along with a few sweet stories of them being neighbors, and friends, he told us about his car being stuck in his driveway at some point, and Andrew brought his car over to try to help his neighbor get his car out.  Instead, he managed to damage his neighbor’s car, and soon, a car stopped to help them out.  After assisting the two men with getting their cars un-stuck, the guys in the car said they were headed to see the Andrew Wyeth exhibit, without any idea whom the man that they were helping was.  Andrew simply told them to enjoy the exhibit, without even giving a hint that he was the artist behind it all. 

The few sweet stories that we heard were quite touching, since I have found Andrew Wyeth, as well as the rest of his family’s works to be ever so intriguing.

There were statues of different animals placed throughout the museum property.  So cute!
The N.C. Wyeth House

Anyway, the museum was quite great... and I will definitely be visiting it again in the near future.

This was a really great statue outside of the museum.

I wish that I could have taken more photos, but the museum specified that cameras are strictly prohibited in most areas.

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