Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have introduced Lola on my blog before, but it was only a brief introduction in my first post, so here is an official introduction to my sweet pup.  Today we took her for a walk at the Trexler Game Preserve.  I live less than 5 miles away from it, so visiting it is a nice change of scenery from walking my dogs in the same old places all of the time.  Although the zoo is also at the same location, I haven't visited the zoo itself in years, but it was a frequent location of field trips and outings as a kid.  The game preserve, though is such a nice place to visit frequently with many walking, hiking, biking, and horse trails, and is, in general, a nice, serene environment.
This happened to be Lola's first time visiting the Game Preserve.  She isn't the best with car rides, as she tends to get car sick (we mainly stick to walking her on the roads by our house...), and even on the short drive from my house to the game preserve, she wasn't doing too well.  Once we got there, though, she had quite a bit of fun sniffing around (she's a scent hound, for sure), and even met another cute dog (who she was afraid of at first, but warmed up to a bit... it's hard to tell that she's actually the bully at our house, haha!).
As for this outfit, please excuse the excess of dog hair.  It's terrible how much my dogs shed, and people tend to give strange looks, as the amount of fur that I have attached to my clothing is probably enough to make an actual fur coat, haha.  The dress is a Ralph Lauren which I recently acquired thrifting; it is a simple, yet quite versatile dress which I'm looking forward to wearing frequently as an easy outfit for spring and summer.  The boots are also a favorite of mine.  I purchased them at the Nike outlet at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets almost 4 years ago, and they're quite comfortable, and cute.

Dress: Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
Cardigan: Pink by Victoria's Secret (Victoria's Secret)
Shoes: Nike (Nike Outlet at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets)
Tights: Target
Jacket: Jones New York (rummage sale)
Scarf: handmade (Indiemade Craft Market, Allentown, PA)
Glasses: Bonlook, Simply Fabulous (won in giveaway on The Clothes Horse)

currently listening to: The Kinks- Lola


Megan said...

Oh Lola...such a sweet doggie.

Islabell said...

too. stinking. cute.