Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Blobfest is an event held every year in Phoenixville, Pa, where the cult classic, The Blob, was filmed. I have been obsessed with this movie since I've been a kid and have had the intention of going to Blobfest for years now. This year I finally found a friend with a similar, geeky interest in sci-fi films to attend the festival with me and finally make my dream of attending the festival come true. Every year the festival has an event to reenact the running out of the theatre scene from the movie in the theatre where it was originally filmed. I didn't attend the running out of the theatre event on Friday, but I did attend the street fair and creature double feature screening of the movie, and a second sci-fi classic film, Them, in the Colonial Theatre where scenes from the The Blob were originally filmed. Not only was it awesome to see the movie in such a historic location for the film, but the crowd for the sold-out showing of the movie was so awesome. The whole crowd was applauding at random times and yelling out funny statements throughout the whole movie. I also really enjoyed that other people like the opening song from the movie as much as I do... I would also like to note that I did wear my Steve McQueen shirt to Blobfest in order to be as cheesy and fan-girly as possible. I loved every minute of the event. It was such a dream come true for me.

and I leave you with some iPhone/instagram photos from the event... if you feel like following me on instagram my username is @tfarnsworth

  My friend Chris and me in the blob
 Standing in front of an old car while wearing my Steve McQueen shirt.
The day after Blobfest, wearing my new Blob shirt.

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