Friday, November 16, 2012

Outfest 2012

Since moving to Philly, I haven't really been able to photograph any of my outfit photos.  The orignial purpose of this blog was to document my style on a day-to-day basis, but trying to take your own photos in a cramped dorm room isn't the easiest thing to do.  I thought that I might just start sharing pieces of my every day life, or mostly of the events which I've been attending throughout the city.  Anyway... I guess I'll just see where this goes.

These photos are from Outfest, an event which is held in conjunction with National Coming Out week to support the LGBT community throughout the city of Philadelphia.  The Outfest event in Philly is actually the largest LGBT event in the country, so it is pretty fun to attend.

I thought it was pretty sweet to capture them holding hands
 Guys putting on high heels...
 Brittany Lynn

 A drag king at the event

 Rainbows, of course

At the event there were of course lots of drag queens and kings (I interviewed a lovely drag queen named Brittany Lynn for an article I was writing on the event), high heel contests, penis-shaped bagel eating contests and various other interesting events (seriously though).  Despite the fact that it was a rainy day, you cannot help but be so happy being around such an environment.  Everyone always looks to be having so much fun, and it is just a great time to hang out in the "Gayborhood" (yes, center city Philly is called the "Gayborhood" for the event, hah!).

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